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Do you know your transportation cost?

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Together we are a TEAM!

Diverse roles within your company harbor distinct objectives, whether you're a logistics manager, a procurement manager, CFO, or even the CEO. Despite the unique responsibilities that accompany each role, a common goal unites you all — ensuring the success and competitiveness of your company within its specific market.

Our collaborative approach is designed to empower your team and contribute to the enhancement and optimization of your supply chain. Concurrently, we focus on reducing overall transportation costs and expediting the lead-time to your customers.Explore how our tailored support aligns with and amplifies the fulfillment of tasks within your individual role. From streamlining logistics operations to strategic procurement management, our solutions are crafted to accentuate the advantages specific to your responsibilities, fostering success and competitiveness in your market.

Together with your team we support you in improving & optimizing your supply chain while decreasing the total cost of transport and shorten the lead-time to your customers. 

What is your role?

In your role as

As the leader of your company, your primary focus lies in steering the financial development and bolstering the profitability of the organization, all while maintaining a vigilant eye on competitiveness within your specific market.

Acknowledging the breadth of your responsibilities, we stand ready to assist you in pinpointing optimization and cost-saving opportunities, ultimately contributing to the growth of your bottom line.

The often-overlooked domain of your supply chain—encompassing logistics and transportation—holds immense potential for substantial savings. These savings, in turn, exert a direct influence on your bottom line results.

Recognizing the pivotal role of an efficiently organized supply chain, we understand its profound impact on the entire company. Conversely, a lack of precision in structure can lead to customer dissatisfaction and complaints, posing a threat to your market image and reliability.

Leveraging our team's extensive experience with logistics service providers, continuous engagement with the logistics market, and a structured approach supported by proven methods and tools, we are poised to fortify your overall setup. Our role extends to aiding your team in the decision-making process, providing clear and transparent summaries.

Acting as a neutral entity, we exclusively represent YOU and your interests. From the initial discussions and analysis to the conclusive implementation of your processes, we function as your dedicated partner in achieving savings within your supply chain.

As the CFO, you are the second most important man in the company. Your wide-ranging role and the responsibility which is held with this role is a big task to have a good all-time overview in monitoring the achievement of the company’s goals and intervening promptly in case needed. 

Some of the probably most important instruments in the company are the financial reports which are supporting your journey towards the defined objects and goals. 

Growing the bottom line result of the company is not always an easy task, but for sure easier when you can feed it with achieved savings. 

If the companies supply chain is not effective and the implementation of the projects is not running smoothly, or even worse, if you lose control and run completely off track, then you are "burning" money and loosing valuable resources while having a negative impact on your financial results. 

Our team will support your overall task of growing the bottom line by managing the logistics projects on a tight time line while making sure the implementation runs smoothly and the agreed financial impact on your overall result will be met in a timely manner. 

We will define with you a proper reporting overview in order to give you the possibility to monitor the financial performance & impact of the logistics. Also, we make sure all invoices coming from the service providers are correct, either having the right price rates charged or by identifying that your shipments are charged only one time and according to your delivery notes.

As the responsible person for purchase in the company, your main objective is to make sure your company is getting the right service at the best pricing on the market. The balance between price and quality is very important in order not to jeopardize the company's operations. 

Our team is looking to support you in your efforts to reduce costs while keeping at least the same quality or better. 

 In our discussion during the kickoff meeting we will jointly define the goals from your point of view and the company’s needs. Based on this we will be able to work towards your goals and find the best service providers & services keeping an optimal balance between quality & pricing. 

 At any time of the process you are welcome to join the discussions with the service providers. Even if you decide not to join these negotiations, you will receive in due course a comprehensive final shortlist and recommendations which will give you the possibility to make the best decision based on the company’s specific needs. 

 Also, after implementing the solutions we will support you in auditing the invoices making sure the service provider is charging the agreed prices. The longtime experience of each of our team members will make sure that we will reduce the overall cost of your transportation without any compromise in the quality of the service.

As the responsible person for logistics at the company you know that transport and logistics rarely are getting an appropriate attention like they should be. You are "paying" at the end for all delays happened during the production of the company’s product trying to "save" the deadline towards your customer. 

 Daily business is challenging, and the required deadlines are most of the time not easy to be reached. This daily "firefighting" and the rest of the operational task will take most of your daily time. Looking at new solution, optimizing the processes is hardly possible because of your tight schedule. 

You, as a specialist who knows the company’s requirements are aware about the possibility to improve both the service levels and saving money, but the lack of time will make it hard for you to follow on the solutions. 

 If you find yourself the above-mentioned situation, having time constrains but also the drive to find savings and improve your supply chain, working with us could be a viable option which will give you the opportunity to achieve the goals you are striving for. Together with your experience and internal knowledge we can assess the current situation, define the services and service levels needed and consolidate the information while creating a transparent decision basis for the future, new solution. 

 Our team will work together with you and support you in all related steps adding value besides your knowhow from the initial workshop to the finalization of the implementation. 

 If you would like to improve your logistics and bring savings "home" please contact our team for a first initial discussion about how we could contribute to your work.

transport cost optimization
Evaluate your expenditures and enhance your financial standing for a more robust financial statement.

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Together with your responsible person / persons we will conduct workshop in order to map the existing operational process.


Analysing the existing material flow - parts, sub assemblys, finished products or shipments for both, inbound and outbound.


What is the current market level based on cost and service levels compaired to your existing transportation agreements.


Do you have a overview about the current cost of packaging or other addtional costs when shipping your products?

Quick wins

Identification of potential cost reduction in your transportation setup with quick and easy to implement changes.


Preparing a open, competitive bidding with the chosen supliers.


Evaluation of the RFQ (request for quotation) and consolidate date into a shortlist based on potential savings and service level overview.


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