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electrical vehicle support

financial, operational & administrative

Different ways how to support your business setup in Europe.

Keep control over your working processes and make sure your financial wealth remains strong.

How can we support your presence on the european market...

financial support

We are analyzing the financial impact when moving your production material into the European Union and looking for competent solutions for fiscal & customs costs optimization according to the EU legal provision.

Our competency in BTI (binding tariff information) application at the competent EU customs authorities will give you a secure financial environment and the possibility to build up a robust budget over the lifetime of your vehicles.

Clawbacks of duties after reclasification or after export outside of the EU, change of economic origin of the production material, the right customs operation of prototypes and other solutions will lessen the pressure on the budget on the longer term.

operational support

The right operational setup of the production flows is crucial for the market success of your products. 

It's not only the financial impact and the production but also starting from the structure of the dealer network, building a solid trade compliance operation to the finished vehicle logistics and last mile dealer delivery.

Completing with some other important production decisions like: defining best location to setup CKD and assembly operations, kitting and inward processing, strategic material spread for quota optimization, e-commerce setup etc.

European coverage

Our specialist team has a european coverage in all key countries - Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Luxemburg, Germany, Romania, Poland.

Our centralized administration will keep all teams aligned and coordinated.

We speak: English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Romanian



services with financial impact

  • Competence in BTI applications for automotive industry
  • Network within European customs to negotiate and lobby favorable HTC codes, BTIs and assembly agreements
  • Expertise on customs audit for AEO certification
  • Competent solutions for fiscal & customs costs optimization according to the EU legal provision
  • Specialist in operating customs operations for prototype – grantage of pre-classification of material, temporary import
  • Change of economic origin of material
  • Clawback of duties after reclassifiaction
  • Clawback on rightfully payed duties after export outside of EU


financial impact on your operation



operational impact on your operation

services with operational impact

  • Experience and European network on calculating dealer network setup (loading points in Europe)
  • Network and experience in finished vehicle logistics and last mile dealer deliveries in electric car movement and control
  • Experience in setting CKD and assembly operations to operate lowest landed cost on electric automotive operations industry
  • Experience in defining best location to setup assembly operations
  • Knowledge in putting up holding operations (experience with ruling commission in several countries)
  • Specialist in kitting and inward processing in order to reduce or waive import duties away
  • Strategic values operational in several cee countries in order to spread the material that it doesnt impact entry quotas
  • Dedicated customs broker setup


services with administrative impact

  • Experience in implementation of customs logistics software
  • Expertise in interim & change management in supply chain
  • E-commerce - setting up e commerce strategy, shop including pictures, text, etc. and building up physical & IT flows, income product inspection, quality check, warehousing, commissioning & dispatch.


administrative impact on your operation

Your european solution for electrical vehicle production...For additional questions get in touch with our team...

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