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Transport Cost Optimisation

You are asking yourself about following issues?

Where are my freight costs compaired to the market? Are my freight cost market conform? Do i have tariffs which are considering my companies specifications? What will be the impact of freight costs in the future? Will be enough loading space available for my products through the year?

We act neutral and we represent YOU and your interests only. We do not represent a service provider. While preparing a neutral analyse with an external view you receive a transparent result of your whole freight volume.

No risk for you due to our success fee based modell but with a high degree of direct benefit for you due to a decreased cost base.

Customs services

Operational customs services at its best. Our team has longstanding experince with customs processes.

If you are looking also to improve your internal customs process flow we support you in building up your structure and organisation, defining together with your team the working procedures.

Talk to us if you have questions about export control, import restrictions and authorisations, preferential law or any other customes related issues.

Supply Chain Management

Optimizing your supply chain and increasing reliability, customer experience and reducing costs while delivering optimal solutions.

If you are looking for a more sophisticated aproach of your entire supply chain we might help you with the folowing solutions:
  • Supply Chain Strategy - Channel Strategy, Regional Planning, Supply Chain Synchronisation, Supply Chain Strategy Alignment
  • Supply Chain Optimization - Cost to Serve, Time to Serve, Distribution Network Design, Supply Chain Mapping, Functional Audits, Center of Gravity studies
  • Supply Chain Tactics - Business Integration, Outsoure / Insoure, Transport Contract Negotiations
 If you are looking for case studies please contact us!

Electrical Vehicle Support

How can we support your presence on the european market?

Read more about our services and ways how to improve your financial impact and reduce the duties while assembling the vehicles in the European Union.

We have solutions which will support your from following prospectives:
  • financial support
  • operational support
  • administrative support

Warehousing & Distribution

We do import & distribution due to our comprehensive knowhow and large network. Having a wide range of different brands from electronic, cosmetic & medical to the industrial sector we want our clients to have a unique experience. We are allways looking for interesting and innovative brands which are not present on the local market.

We also support you in your own warehouse and distribution network setup with our knowledge.

If you have a project and don't know where to start, give us a call and one of our specialists will help you to answer your questions.

Logistics Project Management

Let's move to the next step of supply chain project management. 

You need a specialist which is handling your project as a pro? Why not talk to us...

We take over, as your external logistics department and represent your interests in front of the service providers. Starting with the planning of the project till the final handover of your products at destinations site.

You choose how deep you want us involved.