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Fee Structure

Unveiling the Essence of Our Pricing...

Almost limitless customisation

Performance Based

Simplicity is key—no savings, no payment.

Opt for our most favored model, a performance-based approach where payment is contingent solely on realized savings. Your company bears no risk in this arrangement.

Motivated by the pursuit of the optimal cost/quality ratio, we are committed to sharing the achieved savings, aligning our success with yours.

Fixed Fee

Come to a mutual understanding of project intricacies, obtaining a clear, comprehensive overview of projected costs:

Establish a quantifiable budget, enabling precise calculations of project expenses. This collaborative approach ensures transparency and clarity, empowering informed decision-making for the successful execution of your project.

Combined Structure

Explore the synergy of fixed pricing with a performance-based bonus—an ideal solution tailored to your needs.

This adaptable model, catering to various project sizes and tasks, ensures a personalized approach, aligning seamlessly with your unique requirements for business satisfaction.

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